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Investor Loans

If you are an investor, we are the place for you!  We help find a number of loan programs for investors including residential and multi-family products and have a network that connects us with the best lenders in the business to ensure that you get the money you need quickly and easily.  Additionally, we help you find the products that will enable you to refinance your properties into a long-term, low-rate loan as soon as renovation is complete.  See the chart below to understand the differences in ways to finance homes (and more specifically a rehab project) and why a hard money loan is one of the most efficient ways to purchase an investment property.  Notably, the minimum requirements to get approved for a loan are at the mid credit score of 650 and $15,000 in cash reserves in the bank.

At Lux Dominor, we know what keeps investors up at night.  Our goal is to help you find loans that are easy to understand and easy to work with.  Having been there ourselves, we can also coach you through all of the issues that you will face and offer practical solutions to make your life easier.  You focus on the deals and leave the financing up to us. CALL US NOW! (832) 639-0LUX OR APPLY TODAY!


We are committed to helping our clients in every way possible.  In addition to a free deal analysis on each and every deal that comes to us to finance, we also offer mentoring and coaching programs to provide investors -both new and old- how to purchase property, creative financing, and wealth and tax strategies to make sure that you maximize each deal!  DON’T WAIT ANOTHER DAY! CALL US NOW! (832) 639-0LUX OR APPLY TODAY!

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