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Residential Home Loans and Refinance

Whether you are looking to buy your first home, move into another one, or refinance your current home, Lux Dominor has the right product for you.  At Lux Dominor, we help you find conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, and all other types of home loans and mortgages that our clients want and need to purchase their home as well as a number of options for clients to refinance their current home or property. We also boast the ability to offer our clients 1% down home purchase program.

Located in the Nasa Space Center District in Houston, Texas, we can help clients with credit scores as low as 500 and at all income levels.  With experience in residential lending business, we take pride in our customer service and making sure obtaining a home loan or refinancing your current loan is simple and straightforward.

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Benefits of Home Ownership v. Renting 

Everyone knows owning is better that renting.  For example, did you know that you can deduct the interest that you pay on your loan and your property taxes on your annual tax returns?  Furthermore, a portion of the monthly payment that you pay goes toward reducing the principle of the loan which is money that you are paying yourself to live in your home (think of it as a type of savings account).  By contrast, when you pay rent, you get neither a tax deduction nor are you saving any money for the long term.  Your rent simply helps the landlord pay their monthly mortgage.

Interested in learning more?  The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) discusses the tax advantages of home ownership at

Credit Scores and Issues

Buying your house begins with assessing your credit.  Having the strongest and highest credit score enables us to offer you the best rates and products that we can.  At Lux Dominor, we know that everyone has a story and has made different decisions that affect your credit-both negatively and positively.  The following breakdown illustrates how much having good credit can save you over the life of the loan.

Based on a $250,000 Home Loan for 30 Years

Credit Score Interest Rate Monthly Payment Interest Paid Saved Over Life of Loan
>760 3.282% $1,092 $143,268 $82,800
700-759 3.504% $1,123 $154,341 $71,727
680-699 3.681% $1,148 $163,288 $62,780
660-679 3.895% $1,178 $174,243 $51,825
640-659 4.325% $1,241 $196,706 $29,362
620-639 4.871% $1,322 $226,068 ZERO

At Lux Dominor, we partner up with seasoned advisors to work with you to help solve your credit issues by repairing the bad issues that are on your credit report currently while simultaneously focusing on building your credit.  Even if your credit is lacking, we have been able to help people improve their credit scores and qualify for the house of their dreams in months!  Contact us today to let us help you repair your credit now to buy your dream house tomorrow.