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At Lux Dominor, we understand that life surprises the best with the unplanned.  Unexpected medical bills, divorce, a death, irresponsible partners or other hard situations sometimes leave us in a difficult financial situation.  If you are delinquent on your payment or taxes or are facing foreclosure or some other issue that is going to cause you to lose your house, property or business PLEASE CALL US NOW! (832) 639-0LUX OR APPLY TODAY!

We are trained to find a number of solutions to problems that homeowners. business owners and investors face on a daily basis.  We always try to find a way to keep you succeding by working with lenders; however, if that cannot be achieved, we are happy to buy your house or property from you to STOP FORECLOSURE or you losing your house AND your credit. CALL US NOW! (832) 639-0LUX OR APPLY TODAY!