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The Lux Dominor Team is an elite group of leaders dedicated to helping you find the best home, property, and investment opportunities the market has to offer. Your best interest and financial soundness are our number one priority.

When you come to Lux Dominor you find quality in:

  • Leadership,
  • Experience,
  • Honesty,
  • Team Synergy,
  • Rapid Response,
  • Efficiency,
  • Knowledge Support,
  • True Interest in YOUR  SUCCESS!
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What we do

What We Do

Real Estate Investing can be an overwhelming experience.  You’ve finally found the property that you like but what’s next?  Lux Dominor Wealth-Investment-Solutions, is Alex Flores, Morgan Davis and family & Friends. Collectively, we are a network of independent consumers and investors located in Houston, Texas – Nassau Bay,  Texas – Rio Grande Valley, Texas.  At Lux Dominor, we are committed to helping you assess your needs and advising you on the right product for you. We’ll help you determine your eligibility, offer you options, and help you find the right loan and/or investment deal to fit your needs with the best possible interest rate available and benefits available.  Call us today for free credit assessment guidance and to learn what options are available to you.

Additionally, if you are having trouble paying your existing mortgage or are “underwater” with your mortgage, we can help.  We offer help finding refinance programs to try to get a better deal than what you have currently.  And if we can’t get you into a better deal or one that works for you and your budget, WE ARE OPEN TO BUYING YOUR HOUSE FROM YOU.

Loans & Mortgage Solutions

At Lux Dominor, we started as consumers and investors.  We pride ourselves in finding funding solutions to most situations.  We can help you find every type of loan possible from basic conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, refinance options, and subprime for your homestead (primary property) to hard money, commercial and portfolio loans for investors.  We can help people with bad, good, and great credit scores ranging from 500 through the 800s, and we can help you learn what loan programs are available to you.

Residential & Commercial

If you want to own a home, we can make it happen! Looking for commerical real estate? Give us a call today to get started and get the best deals available. Let’s connect!


Looking to invest in real estate? Mortgage needs? Looking for a loan? Looking for partners in a financial project? Looking for residential, commercial, and/or unique investment opportunities? Looking for representation or advice? Let us know any questions and we will promptly and gladly respond.

Lux Dominor is here at your disposition. Our goal is to offer our complete attention in regards to your:

  • mortgage inquiries,
  • residential and commercial real estate needs,
  • investment interests and projects
  • local real estate,
  • interstate real estate
  • international real estate
  • investment proposals
  • loans
  • unique partnerships opportunities
  • for sale properties
  • Credit Repair
  • Finances

Lux Dominor is here to help you.

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Not sure how much money you can afford to spend on a house?  Click the button below to find out!

The Team

Alexander Flores

With extensive experience in the real estate and investments industry, he calls Texas home and is committed to helping anyone looking for support from the Lux Dominor. Team player, quick responder, avid industry fanatic, and devoted to your financial health.

Morgan Davis

Her accumulated knowledge of real estate and investment sectors makes Lux Dominor an extremely potent weapon of mass enrichment. With her on your side, you can expect an attentive listener, an intuitive problem solver, and a financial partner you will want to have by your side throughout your journey to financial glory.

Jose Raul Flores, RA-AN Enterprises

Masterful real estate investor located in McAllen Texas (USA-Mexico border town; area of continuous prosperity and rapid expansion). J.R. Flores is Lux Dominor’s representative and bridge support for all USA-Mexico international projects. His experience and expertise in international real estate and investments between USA-Mexico opens ‘heavens,’ not doors, to new and exciting investment opportunities. With J.R. Flores & RA-AN Enterprise on your side, you are standing on a giant’s shoulders. Along with their experience and expertise, RA-AN Enterprise counts with up-to-date property listings and a network of trusted and dedicated realtors, businessmen, investors, groups, and institutions that like you, work hard toward their goals and financial growth by working ethically, respectfully and lawfully with each other.

Maria Antonieta Flores

Lux Dominor’s front line warrior in McAllen Texas. She is a formidable addition to the team and you will soon find why. Her attentiveness and innate talent for high return investments impress every time. She is someone that can close an international deal with ease while forming long-lasting partnerships and creating an atmosphere of trust and openness. Your business is her priority!