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Sell My House FAQs

Sell My House FAQs - Essential For Survival

These Sell My House FAQs explain the complicated process of selling your home while highlighting the benefit of working with investors to get fast cash for your house.

When you need fast answers for those scary questions, Sell My House FAQs does the job.

Sometimes we just need a few Sell My House FAQs to help us #SellFast for reasons like:

House on Foreclosure
Property Tax Accumulation
Fire Damage
Flood Damage
Water Damage
Horrible Tenants
Vacant Property
Divorce Houses
Unwanted Inheritance
Burdensome House
Repairs Too Costly
Need Liquidity

Whatever your situation, Sell My House FAQs are here to help.

After you read through the Sell My House FAQs, go over our blog and learn more about us.

We can provide you with an offer the same day over the phone, and close the sale 72 hours after you sign the contract. We work fast because we want to buy your house as much as you want to sell it!

It’s easy! You can fill out our #SellFast or #SellASAP form, or if you do not want to wait for us to contact you, you can call us now! @ (832) 639-0589

Yes, we do! As property investors, we love buying homes and fixing them up. Regardless of the condition of your home, we will buy your house AS IS and in any condition.

If you are selling to us, NOTHING! 

Alternatively, you can list it with a real estate agent. If your house is in poor condition and you cannot or do not want to fix it, you have to list it AS IS. While selling AS IS may save you the expense of costly repairs, it won’t save you any time. You must:

  1. Get the home INSPECTED for unknown problems.
  2. Get ESTIMATES for fixing those problems.
  3. Determine how much money it would take to settle all liens, if any.
  4. Adjust your asking price accordingly.
  5. Prepare a DISCLOSURE STATEMENT for potential buyers, according to Texas law.
  6. MARKET the house.
  7. SHOW the house.
  8. NEGOTIATE with any interested buyers.


You also need to find a realtor willing to list a fixer-upper. And if you do, don’t expect them to work very hard to sell your house. Distressed houses don’t bring in as much money, which means a lower commission for the realtor.

PLUS, buyers for fixer-uppers are scarce, because the majority of buyers want a house without serious problems. 

Save yourself all that trouble and CALL US! When we buy your house, we assume all the responsibility for all of the problems. We buy it AS IS, and you don’t have to do anything other than wait for your money!

A house can have serious problems other than repairs:

  • It can be in an area infested with crime.
  • The nextdoor neighbors can be nothing but trouble.
  • It can be near a foul-smelling factory or municipal facility.
  • The house may have multiple liens attached.

If you fix all the repairs and settle any liens, you can probably get a real estate agent to list it. Or you can try to sell it yourself through a FSBO (For Sale By  Owner) sale. But you can’t fix any problems with the neighbors or neighborhood…

Save yourself all this trouble, and CONTACT US! We will buy your house AS IS. An ugly home in an old neighborhood filled with crime won’t stop us or slow us down. We take the house with all the problems, and you take the cash!

If you sell your house yourself through a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) sale, you will save the realtor’s commission. BUT you will also take on quite a lot of responsibility, expense, and time. You must:

  1. REPAIR all of the problems that would normally turn away a typical buyer.
  2. RESOLVE any legal issues, such as liens against the house.
  3. HANDLE the enormous amount of paperwork involved in real estate transactions by yourself.
  4. SET an asking price that will encourage buyers without selling your short.
  5. PREPARE the house and property to be shown to potential buyers.
  6. SHOW the house every time someone wants to see it.
  7. And NEGOTIATE the price with buyers.

If you don’t have the time or money to do all of this, or you just do not want the hassle, CONTACT US! Simply submit your information on our #SellFast form, or call us @ (832) 639-0589.

We are cash house buyers with the experience and expertise to eliminate the hassle of trying to sell a property quickly.

In a slow market, there are more sellers than buyers. To sell your property quickly, you can make it stand out from the competition by:

  1. FIXING all of the needed repairs.
  2. UPDATING where needed.
  3. STAGING the interior.
  4. BEAUTIFYING the exterior.
  5. LANDSCAPING to add curb appeal.
  6. PROFESSIONAL photography and written descriptions.
  7. MARKETING intensely — both online and offline.

Even after all this effort and expense, you could still NOT sell the property quickly. The only way to sell you home fast in a slow market, is to sell to a real estate investor… aka US!

Let us worry about all that work and those improvements.

The average home in Texas sells in three to six months. But that is not a very helpful statistic, because every house is different. The neighborhood, the market conditions, the size, the structure condition, and a hundred other variables all affect the time it takes to sell.

None of those variables slow us down. It takes us 3 to 30 days to complete a real estate transaction.

The fastest way for you to sell, is to SELL TO US! We will come to visit your property and make an offer. Within just a few days after agreeing to our offer, you will have your cash in hand.

A house’s current condition and current market value determine how much we can pay for it. If the house has serious problems we can’t pay as much for it as a well-maintained home. Also, a house with a clear title is worth more to us than a similar-sized property that has multiple liens against it.

We treat each house individually and the price we pay for each individual property varies. If it looks like an excellent rental property, we can estimate its value to a landlord who is always looking for small homes to rent out. In some instances, the value of a house may be in the land it’s sitting on — if it’s located next to a commercial property that needs additional parking, for example.

When we make you an offer, we estimate the price we can get for your house when we resell it. From that price, we deduct all of our expected costs, plus our overhead and profit.

What we (and any other investor) offer you will be less than the property’s market value. But you are entirely free from the house and all its problems within a few days. We take all the responsibility and all of the risk.

The typical home buyer has difficulty picturing themselves living in an empty house. If you need to sell a vacant house quickly:

  1. REPAIR all of the cosmetic problems that became vacant after removing the furniture and decorations.
  2. ELIMINATE musty odors and their causes, as musty odors are extremely noticeable in an empty house and will turn away buyers at the door.
  3. STAGE the house with rented furniture or professionally.
  4. MAINTAIN utilities to power the lighting required during a showing.
  5. And if you’ve moved away, you’ll have to trust a friend or family member to supervise the sale.

Or you can avoid all this hassle by calling US! Get on with your life and leave the house and its problems to us. After accepting our cash offer, it will only be a few days until you have your money in hand.

If your house doesn’t have a clear title because of a lien, a buyer can’t get financing until the lien is removed. Banks don’t want their collateral encumbered by someone else’s lien. A lender might consider a loan if the buyer has sufficient cash or other security. But finding a traditional buyer willing to take a house with a lien is nearly impossible.

The lien-holder might consider releasing the lien if you pay part of the indebtedness and work out an acceptable payment plan. And then you could sell the house free and clear. BUT you will still have the debt to repay.

Soooo… Sell the house to us! We buy houses with or without liens. After accepting our offer, you don’t have to think about it anymore. We settle the lien and take care of any paperwork. AND you leave the house and its problems to us.

Homeowners sometimes have an urgent need to sell their house fast. BUT selling a home through a real estate agent or FSBO (For Sale By Owner) sale can take months. A house with serious problems can take even longer!

We are real estate investors who can pay cash for homes in any condition. After being contacted, we meet with the seller to inspect the property. And within 24 hours we can provide a cash offer. Our cash offer reflects all our costs associated with reselling the property for a profit.

Sell My House FAQs To Make Life Easier

We hope you enjoyed our Sell My House FAQs.

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Sell My House Faqs With Morgan And Alex In Houston Texas

Sell My House FAQs are here to help you. Make the quest of selling your house, a simple task with Sell My House FAQs by Morgan And Alex buy houses with Lux Dominor.

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